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Learn the history of Victoria's Closet

The very first Victoria's Closet shop was opened by Victoria Fray in 1991. The store was located inside a house on highway 64 West and had only 500 square feet of space to showcase our merchandise.


You can view the original Victoria's Closet store next to the entrance of The Village Green, The Village Play, and Kara Lee Pulley Park.

Find out more about the current owners

In 2006, Ballard Rogan and Kerry Stranger took co-ownership of Victoria's Closet along with their husbands Larry and John. You can now find Victoria's Closet on highway 64 East just 1/4 mile East of Cashiers Crossroads in Alexander Gardens.

Explore all three stores with over 7500 square feet

"Love this place! They have great clothes, great deals, and sweet ladies that work there."

- Aimee


Get a bargain at Victoria's Closet

Victoria's Closet is open all year round. We specialize in seasonal clothing, estate jewelry, and boutique items. With up to 80,000 gently used garments, Victoria's Closet is a great place to find a bargain.